Xero Integration: Linking Products and Components to Sales Accounts

We strongly recommend not turning the Advanced Billing created items into "Tracked Items" in Xero. If an invoice would cause the item to fall below 0 it will cause the invoice to not sync and stall out the integration.

If you have the “Sync product and component names as item codes” enabled, you will be able to set the products and components associated with the invoices to be in a specific sales account. Once set all future syncs will get moved into the correct sales account.

Please be aware that this article is related to Advanced Billing's integration with Xero. The Xero integration syncs based on Advanced Billing statements. You can learn more about the Xero integration by checking out this help article: Xero Integration Overview.

The first step would be to setup the sales accounts you want to set for the products and components if they aren’t already created. To do so, complete the following steps in Xero:

  1. Log into your Xero account
  2. Click Accounting->Chart of Accounts under the Advanced options.


  3. Click “Add Account” button
  4. The account type must be one of the options under “Revenue” (Other Income, Revenue, Sales)
  5. Give it a unique code number
  6. Give it a name
  7. Click the “Save” button

Next is to set the products and components to map to these sales accounts.

  1. Click Business->Products and Services.


  2. Click on the name of the component or product you want to map
  3. Click “Edit Item” at the top of the screen once viewing the component or product
  4. In the “I sell this item” section use the dropdown to select the sales account you want this item associated with
  5. Click “Save” on the bottom of the pop-up

Repeat the above process for each product and component. Once this is completed it will continue to map with all future syncs!

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