Configure Retries & Dunning

Summary - Retries & Dunning

Retries & Dunning
You Need
An understanding of your business’ dunning requirements and schedule.

1. Configure Defaults


Field Description
From Address Sets the from address for the dunning emails.
BCC Email Addresses If the BCC option is enabled on a dunning step, it will send an email to the address entered here.
Limit invoices in the remittance dunning. Sets a date when Remittance Dunning will go into effect. 


2. Create Dunning Schedule for Card/Remittance



3. Select Custom Schedule or Use a Template



4. Edit Dunning Schedule Details


Field Description
Name Set an internal name for the Dunning Schedule.
Product Sets the product for the dunning schedule, can be used for all products by selecting "Billing Plans"
Trigger dunning if mid-period component allocation payment fails If enabled, dunning will occur if a mid-period component is allocated and the payment fails.
Trigger dunning if awaiting signup payment fails Requires shipping address upon subscription signup.
End dunning after first payment failure
Will set the dunning to be one step.


5. Create a Dunning Schedule



6. Edit Dunning Steps


Field Description
Day After Due Date Amount of time after the due date of payment before this dunning is enabled (First Dunning will always be on Day 1)
Final Action Only applicable to the final step. Will either cancel the subscription or mark as unpaid if it reached this step.
Rety Payment Only applicable to Card Dunning. Will retry the payment method on file when this step is reached.
Send Email Will send an email on this step. BCC email can be enabled as well.


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