Accepted Cards

This section of the settings allows you to edit the accepted card types to align with your preferences. These settings primarily apply to Public Signup Pages, and they can be individually overridden in the Public Signup Pages section. Certain settings may also apply to Self-Service Pages, Offer Signup Pages, and Receipt Pages, as indicated. When you select to reject any card brand on the initial transaction, it is a global setup and cannot be overridden.

Selecting Accepted Cards

To select the accepted cards, you will see a checkbox next to each card type. Simply check the ones that are needed. By clicking save, a cosmetic change will be made to Public Pages, and the accepted brands will be listed. However, customers will still be able to pay with other brands.


If the "Accept only selected card brands" option is chosen, all other card brands will no longer be accepted at checkout on public pages. Customers who attempt to use any of the other cards that are not selected will receive an error message prompting them to input another card.


There are also other card brands not listed in the accepted cards. You have the option to either restrict or allow all other types of cards. You can either select "Allow all not listed brands" or "Reject all listed brands."

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