Update Invoice Customer Information

If the customer information, or custom fields on the customer record or subscription, has changed for an open Invoice, a notice appears when viewing the invoice in Advanced Billing.


The following options are eligible for updates:

  • Customer first and last name
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Customer email
  • Customer organization
  • Custom fields on both the customer and subscription record (that are configured to appear on the invoice)

If any of the above information has changed, a link appears on the notice to update the open invoice. Click Update Changes to reveal a detailed breakdown of the changes Advanced Billing has detected.


If everything is correct, click Apply Updates to Invoice to update the open invoice with the new information. Otherwise, you may update the customer record again, then check back on the open invoice to see the new preview.

Line items cannot be updated once the invoice has been issued. If the invoice was issued to the previous address, any tax charges will not be recalculated if the billing or shipping address has changed. Invoice segments cannot be updated. Go to the consolidated invoice to check for and apply updates.

Once you submit the changes, a line of activity is recorded on the invoice history section corresponding to a submitted update. Click View Details to view a summary of what was changed at that time.


For older invoices that contain custom fields, it’s possible that the invoice is missing the data necessary to determine if any custom fields have changed. In this case, the Admin UI indicates that the invoice needs updating and a disclaimer appears on the preview pop-up.

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